sexy cactus

Long time, no post! Suddenly it's October and I realize I haven't put anything new up in ages. I've been drawing, just not necessarily getting the chance to finish anything personal. This adult life thing? Kind of exhausting. It's not all pantslessness and cereal for dinner, kids!

But anyway, it's October, which means that Halloween is upon is and costume manufacturers everywhere are selling SEXY SEXY versions of everything under the sun. I am not really a sexy costume person - my last three Halloween costumes have been Yoshi, Kaylee, and Yoshi again, and this year I'm going as Party Cat - and while I don't begrudge anyone the right to go as Sexy Exposed Breasts or whatever, I feel like every year the selection of sexy costumes on offer gets more and more absurd. And sometimes downright inappropriate - I mean, Sexy Elmo? Tickle me creeped out.

So as The Sexening ramps up, I thought it would be fun to do a series of legit ridiculous (legiculous? sorry, I've been watching too much Awkward) sexy costume illustrations. I am doing zero research as to whether any of these are real, but given the list I've compiled so far, I fear for the future of our people if they are.

First up: SEXY CACTUS. The spikes say "stay away," but the peekabo holes say "how you doin?"


  1. "It's not all pantslessness and cereal for dinner, kids!"


    1. Truly, this life is not what I was promised.

  2. Ha! I am excited about this series.


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