babies of the 80s

I don't sketch much anymore. I'll do a rough sketch in Illustrator before I start working on something, sure, but I don't really just spend time noodling in a sketchbook anymore. In fact, I can't actually remember the last time I used my sketchbook. I'm not even sure I know where it is. How sad is that?

It's sad. Really sad. Sketching is super important! I am terrible. So in an effort to be less terrible, I decided to dust off my atrophied sketching muscles this morning. I had no real direction, but I guess I've been feeling nostalgic lately because I ended up with this little late 80s/early 90s babe. I'm pretty sure I wore both of these outfits at one point during my childhood, big permed poodle hair and all. It was not a good look for me, but it was still better than the bathtub bowl cut and giant translucent glasses that followed.

Anyway, sketching is fun. Who knew? Oh wait, I did. I just need to do it more often. I'm very fond of this little character, so she'll probably pop up again. Mostly because I will seize any opportunity to draw moon boots and scrunchies.

P.S. There will be another Sexy Sexy Costume post very soon!

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