illustration friday: power + pll

This is a bit of an odd scene, but it's your average Tuesday night at my house these days. I've recently added weight lifting into my workout regimen - which I am loving - and on Tuesdays I do it while watching ABC Family's amazing, cracked-out teen mystery soap Pretty Little Liars. It's pretty ideal multi-tasking.

I don't usually post sketches or line drawings or unfinished stuff, but I think I should start - I'd post much more frequently if I did. For example, this, which I wouldn't have been able to finish completely in time, but is a perfectly cromulent drawing all on its own.


  1. Wait, so you lift weights and deliver amazing twitter commentary all in one show? Are you Wonder Woman?

    1. I do! I tweet between sets. I expect my wrist cuffs to come in the mail any day now.

  2. I like it! The drawing AND weight lifting.

    p.s. Thanks for being healthy!!


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