princess zelda

After doing Link, I had to do Zelda. She's by far the superior Princess in the Nintendo universe if you ask me. Princess Peach lets herself get carted from castle to castle while Mario runs around trying to save her, but Zelda will pull out a sword and take care of business herself. I mean, she was even a pirate once. With a peg leg and everything.

Still enjoying this simpler style quite a bit, although this one took a bit more time due to all her jewels and fanciness. It's also made me wonder if Link's eyes should be blue instead of brown? Are all the citizens of Hyrule blue-eyed blondes? There was that redhead at Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time but otherwise that place seems a bit lacking in diversity. Anyway, that's bugging me. I might have to go back and change it.

The sketch. Pretty basic.


  1. AWESOMENESS!!! You are rockin' this new style. GO ZELDA!!

  2. Stoutpint10:42 AM

    I LOVE you art!
    I don't remember how I found my way here but i'm glad I did.


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