dr. horrible rears his diabolical head once more

So April is winding down and I haven't posted in way longer than I'd like, except the reason is that I've been busy busy busy with jobs so I can't really complain about the why. But! The bulk of my work is now done and out the proverbial door, so tonight I decided to finish up a little Dr. Horrible piece I started and then abandoned like two weeks ago. This pose is a total rehash of one of the watercolor ACEOs I did ages ago, but I didn't realize it until about halfway through. I guess I just really like drawing him with a bag of cumin-scented gold in his hand? Who knows.

Anyway. More posts to come - I have some client work to show and then the good Doctor's arch nemesis (Captain Hammer, of course) once I finish him. I might do Penny and Moist to round out the set, because background-less character pieces? So easy. So fast. One of my art goals for 2010 is to work on my background skills, and I am, but man, sometimes you just have to step away and draw a guy standing in a random circle of color. It just needs to be done.

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