philadelphia weekly cover

So last Friday I got an email from the awesome Art Director over at Philadelphia Weekly, asking if I wanted to do the cover illustration for this week's issue. Of course I did! (The story is about eating disorders in the Jewish community.) So over the weekend, this:

Became this:

Which became this:

Which became this:

Which is currently looking pretty awesome in PW boxes all over the city. So if you're local, grab a copy!

I couldn't quite decide on a color palette at first, so I did two - they went with the blue one, but I think the pink one is kind of fun too, in a Marie Antoinette kind of way.


  1. Wow, this is so cool to see. Thanks for sharing all the sketches and the final piece. You did a great job! Wish I was local to grab one up.

    Do you do your lines digitally or with ink?

    Nice work Amanda! :)

  2. Thanks guys!

    Kelly - I ink digitally, in Illustrator. I used to do it by hand, but I was never very happy with how they came out because my hands just aren't that steady. Plus doing them digitally allows for easy-peasy colorization.

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  4. 2,500 boxes and drop locations in Philly AND the burbs! You're famous! :D


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