IF: rescue

My take on this week's Illustration Friday theme: "rescue." Because whenever I'm short on time or ideas, I know I can always churn out a half-decent naked lady. It's like a gift. A completely useless and occasionally inappropriate gift.

Anyway - I was going for a sort of vintage poster feeling. It's possible I went a little texture-happy, but I still mostly like how it came out.

And here's the sketch, which is... not good. She looks like a cross between a Carmen Sandiego strip-o-gram and a German Michael Jackson impersonator. But you know, sometimes that's how it starts.


  1. For some reason I can only see your sketch, but wow, that's a cracker. Love your other stuff too!

  2. I love it! great character design!

  3. Very talented, good work on turning the sketch into such a nice piece! The red hair really sets it off and makes a BOOM! I like the wide hips too, great work


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