illustration friday: talent

Nothing big for this week's IF, just another bendy circus lady, this time doing some double-hooping. I've been experimenting with color and technique a lot these last few weeks, and the streak continues. For this one I decided to work in Photoshop from start to finish (I usually work in Illustrator and then just take it into PS to add texture at the end) - and I didn't hate it as much as I expected. I kind of liked it, actually. I still think I prefer the results I get in AI - I like very smooth lines - but this method certainly had its merits and I'll try it again sometime.

I feel like I'm slowly figuring out how I want to work, through a series of hits and misses. Like, last week's piece? I hate it. A few weeks before that, for the "storm" prompt? I really liked that one. It's an interesting process.We'll see where I end up.

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