accurate depictions of animals: baby hippo edition

Yesterday one of my Twitter friends (hi @BluePlasticJess!) was having a bad day and started posting pictures of baby hippos in an attempt to cheer herself up. I have seen baby hippos before, but for some reason it never really dawned on me that they are JESUS CHRIST SO ADORABLE. Which they are. They basically look like little balls of squishable clay with ears. I want to put them in my mouth. Just, the whole thing. But since I can't (which leads me to question the wisdom of my life choices so far), I just drew one instead. If I were in charge of Doing Science, baby hippos would be classified as one of the following:

Blorpus Stubbularus
Rotundus Blorpulus
Squishablus Rotundus

And they would spend most of their time either nudging things with their little rubbery noses or rehearsing a ballet set to Dance of the Hours.

(These are all solid reasons why I am NOT in charge of Doing Science.)

(Also, I am not sure why I always want hippos to be purple. I wanted to blame it on Fantasia - one of our nation's finest examples of Hippos in Cinema - but when I went back to check it appears they were not purple at all. You're off the hook, Fantasia. THIS TIME.)

ANYWAY. I think I would like to do more of these, they are fun little warm-ups. So if anyone wants to see an Accurate Scientific Depiction of something, let me know. I will do no research whatsoever and probably make it the wrong color. SCIENCE!


  1. The kiddo and I love it! He's a cutie pie :)

  2. I love that i'm not the only one who wants to put baby animals in their mouth. Which seems not very vegan, but it'll only be for a second to prove that they can fit because omgthey'resotiny!!!

    Scientifically accurate narwhal. Go!

  3. i love that hippos are both adorable and deadly. they're like the fourth most dangerous animal IN THE WORLD! they also helicopter their tales around while they poop to mark their territory. SCIENCE!

  4. Love! I vote for baby giraffes next, even though they're already immensely adorable. I think that your rendering might end up so cute, it could cause heads to explode.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Katie - Exactly. Or sometimes it's not even that they're super tiny, just that it's so cute I just want to chomp on it a little bit. Also: narwhal, coming up.

    Alicia - They are so scary! But I think you could proabably hug a baby hippo without much incident as long as, you know, the mom wasn't standing right there to step on your face.

    Hannah - Giraffe will go in the pipeline!

  6. BLORP!

    This is what I get for not hanging in the vegan blogosphere, I miss out on seeing all your adorable illustrations!

    1. I have been out of the vegan blogosphere/ppk scene as well! I have only just started posted a bunch again, so you haven't missed too much.


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