the princess & the pea

I'm thinking of doing a series of fairy tale-inspired pin-ups, which may or may not actually happen (I think about doing a lot of things but then get too busy/lazy/bored with them to follow through) - but even if it doesn't, there's at least one! This take on The Princess and The Pea started as a truly pathetic sketch, but in the end it turned out pretty much exactly how I imagined it. I had a field day with all the patterns in this, and they provide a lot of visual interest. I'm digging it.


  1. This turned out awesome. I LOVE all the mattress patterns. Such a great color combination. Nice!

  2. this is very nice, i agree about the matresses, beautiful..also love your other pin-up girls

  3. You are amazing. This is just beautiful.

    However the mattresses remind me of cake. And now I want cake *_*

  4. The mattress and patterns look great but I really love her body shape and the colour of her lips.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Constantly Dramatic - it reminds me of cake, too. I wish my bed was made of cake.

  6. Adorableness! I love the fairy tale inspired pin up idea!

  7. I love ur draw!!!
    Can u draw me someday, please?
    kisses from Brazil,


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