girl detective sketches

Man, last week was a bust for this blog - no new posts, no Illustration Friday (for the first time in 2010! For shame!), nothing. I'd like to blame my jam-packed social calendar, but truthfully I've just been having a couple of bad drawing days and feeling a little burned out.

But I did want to post something, so here's a page from my sketchbook - I was just playing around with Girl Detective. Her face eludes me a little bit, I never got it quite right here. It's downright jacked up in the one where she's sitting on the pile of books, so just do me a favor and admire all the lovely old tomes instead.


  1. Ha, I love the expression on the bottom middle girl! I think I make that face a lot.

  2. Goobi8:18 AM

    Dat hips :-/


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