birds have the best gossip

I posted the sketch for this last summer and just got around to finishing it this week. Talk about a delay. But I'm glad I did, because I still like her quite a lot. She looks slightly less manic since I did away with her crazy eyes, but I'm still pretty convinced that these two are trading salacious palace gossip. And then later the bird will gather a few friends and they'll braid her hair and watch Ever After. She also reminds me a little bit of Maiden FairHair (whose name made no sense because she was a brunette, but whatever) from Lady Lovely Locks, which I swear was a real cartoon even though no one but me seems to remember it.

Clearly my love affair with yellow is still going strong. I think we might make it official soon. I'm always hesitant to name a favorite color because there are so many and they're all so awesome, but I think this time it might last. Yellow could be The One.

The sketch again, because I'm not going to make anyone go back eight months into the archive to see it.


  1. Great great work, Amanda!! Love the pencil version alñso very much!! :)

  2. Totally cute character!! ^___^

  3. I've got your back on the Lady Lovely Locks. I had a coloring book and even a couple toys I think.

    I love her hairpiece. Fall leaves always get me.

  4. love this color yellow! i like all the colors you used in this one quite a bit! i very much enjoyed seeing the sketch b/c her manic eyes made me laugh. love it.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Aleks - Yes, so glad someone else remembers it! I loved that stupid cartoon about hair.

  6. Very nice color scheme here-- not just the yellow, but also the nice browns and greens. Great composition, too.


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