secret cup hug

I found this one stuffed into my sketchbook. It's from forever ago. And by "forever ago," I mean the same time as the others. So like a month or two. I'm pretty sure I tucked it away because it's not exactly safe for work. Not unless you work someplace more boob-friendly than I do, anyway. But still. It's my favorite, for obvious reasons. It is, after all, pretty much What I Do.

In other news, I just finished the job that's been consuming my life for the last few months. This means, in theory, that I will have time to draw new things. I'm going to do my best to make that happen. I also see this blog and my website being revamped in the (hopefully near) future. It's about damn time, really.


  1. You deserve more attention than you're getting for these things. I think they're awesome! An editor for some racy magazine somewhere needs to see these, because they'd be great marginalia. Or tattoos. Or just sketches. I want to start collecting them but as far as I know they aren't available ;)

  2. Aww, thank you! You know, it's never occurred to me to investigate the racy magazine market. I guess I always think of my girls as too cute - rather than sexy - despite the partial nudity.

    I started an etsy shop ages ago with the intention of selling prints and some originals, but I've yet to get it off the ground. Note to self!

  3. Anonymous3:22 AM

    I totally agree with that guy above! I just adore your stuff. I'm a huge fan of pin ups (if you can't tell from my work). Your style is just fab!

    I absolutely love this stuffed away sketch. You can't beat striped stockings :0)

  4. I love your work, and I'm looking forward to seeing new sketches :)
    Your pin-ups always make me feel better about being 'curvy'!

  5. i love that you do this on coffee holder things. it's a great way to recycle them.
    love your stuff, amanda!


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