dr. sketchy's march session

So this month I finally made it to the Dr. Sketchy's session at the Fleisher Art Memorial. It was fun! A nice little chunk of time in which I HAD to draw. The verdict? My mad skillz are a little rusty. I was never particularly good at drawing from a live model - I'm not loose enough (short poses make me twitchy), and I have a hard time finding a balance between the stylized manner in which I usually draw and what I'm actually seeing in front of me. So I don't feel like I got anything particularly noteworthy out of the session, in terms of individual pieces, but it was good practice nonetheless. And the models and costumes were fantastic. I'll definitely try to make it next month.

Anyway. Out of the lot, these three are the only ones I really feel like showing the world. I'm not overly fond of the second one, but I feel like the first and third turned out okay for quick drawings.


  1. I was fully expecting these to have copyrights all over them.

  2. Amanda,

    I'm so happy you enjoyed the session last night. Your drawings are absolutely beautiful. Next month we have The Philly Roller Girls posing for our "Like, Totally 80s" theme! It should be spectacular! Hope to see you there again!

    Director, Dr. Sketchy's Philly

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    I love your art work! ;0)

    I will definitely draw for cookies as well :0)

    I never went to any of Dr. Sketchy's sessions, but I really want to.

  4. katie - yeah, I hate the way that looks though. Can't bring myself to do it.

    nicola - thanks! The 80's theme sounds awesome, can't wait!

    halfeaten - go to one! They're really fun.

  5. I love the third one!

  6. these are so neat! It's hard to mix high stylization and life drawing for sure, I'm impressed you pulled it off so well.

  7. I've been meaning to get to Sketchy's sessions... I was going to go to this one but got caught up with works. Perhaps next month, the sketches look good though, I don't see what's so rusty ;p

  8. Liz - Thank you!

    Eric - Dude, you should totally get to this month's. It's really fun.

  9. Congratz. and you have some real nice work.


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