creepy ladies hugging your cup.

What's this? A post?! Could it BE? I know, shock and awe, right? Anyone who judges my existence based solely on this blog has most likely assumed my untimely demise, but no! I'm still alive and relatively well. Just not, you know, drawing much or posting at all.

But lo! Here is something. Two somethings! And it's something new, even - not just the dregs of my "sketches" folder. Of course, this something new consists of embellished ballpoint pen doodles that I did on cardboard cup hugs while trying to amuse myself at work... but hey.

I kind of want to make a bunch of these and just slip them onto my favorite customers' coffees. For fun. Except that they're very shoddily made and split apart quite frequently. Plus the smudginess. And the creep factor. But otherwise, it could be fun.

Anyway, I promise to post again in the near future. And I actually have something on deck, so that's not even a hollow promise, either.


  1. Yay! your back! love the coffee cup holders.

  2. Welcome Back! Looking forward to seeing more illustrations.

  3. i would be so happy if i got a cup of coffee with one of those around it.

    by the way, how many cookies is needed for you to draw me something? or is it more like you'll draw anf blog if we give you cookies? :o)


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