Yesterday I signed up for the very exciting new Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, because I am a vegan who loves me some beauty products and also getting packages in the mail. It's a win/win. (My boyfriend already gets us their snack box, because while he is not vegan, he does love snacks and making me happy.)

ANYWAY. The preview video for the first box features Melisser from Cruelty Free Face and her tiny adorable dog named Strummer. I, like the rest of the vegan interwebs, am totally smitten with Strummer. I'm not generally a tiny dog person - I basically want a dog who outweighs me - but there is just something about this little lady that kills me. Anyway, over the course of a a Twitter conversation about the beauty box and how cute Strummer is, I drew this picture of her leaping into the air with unbridled glee re: nail polish. Like you do.

TL;DR: Here is a tiny chihuahua. She is very excited.


  1. That video was my first introduction to Strummer. I was charmed by her immediately! Your picture completely captures her delight and glee. I love it!

    1. Thank you! Isn't Strummer precious? I would just carry her around everywhere.


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