illustration friday: wings

Right under the wire! Also two posts in one day?! What is this, I don't even. Anyway, this week's Illustration Friday theme was "wings." If I titled my drawings this one would probably be called "now where did those come from?" Or similar.

I like the wings least of all in this entire thing, but no matter how many times I redrew them they never looked right. So it is what it is. And I do like the color palette quite a bit. I'm way into muted orangey-coral, sage green, and tan shades right now. Highly unseasonable. Maybe it's because I'm so flippin' cold all the time, and come summer I'll be all about the frosty lavenders and pale blues. Pantone, takes me awayyy.


  1. She's adorable :)

  2. Ha! I just did two posts in one day. AND my name is Amanda. Amanda's must be double-posters. Or something. Your illustration is super adorable, I think the wings are just fine.

    You beheaded the dog? Sad... his face is probably super cute!


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