accurate depictions of animals: anglerfish edition

Yeah, so, the anglerfish. Nature's nightmare, lurking way way down in the ocean, dangling its tricksy little night light out there as bait. Ooh, so bright and shiny. But then, not so much. And let's not even get into how they make baby anglerfish. I mean, what the hell nature. What. The. Hell.

The next one will be much cuter, I promise. Something fuzzy, not scaly.


  1. Yes! The scariest thing in the world, cute-ified.

  2. This series is awesome.

  3. I love these. Are you going to turn them into a book?

  4. The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky. It is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, and it lives in what is easily Earth's most dissertation help uK


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