stuff I forgot to post: dinosaury things

My favorite kind of dinosaury-godzilla monster dudes to draw are bright green with orangey-red accents. As you can see.
A logo I did for Providence Vegans. CHOMP.
A little drawing I did for my boyfriend when he got a new job like 8 months ago. I have plans to turn this into a congratulations card of some kind if I ever get around to opening up that etsy shop for prints and stuff that I keep saying I'm going to do but probably will never do.

A screenshot from a work-in-progress that features T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics (and from being squishy on my bed) as a dirigible. Or more accurately, a dinorigible. I will probably never finish this even though I just put "finish dinorigible" on my to-do list. (Putting things on my to-do list is a surefire way to guarantee that they will never get to-done.)

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