Full disclosure: I love bears. They are my favorite animal (with goats, otters, and sloths close behind). So yesterday when I read a new story about a bear who saved some guy from a mountain lion, I immediately wanted to draw Batbear, scourge of the forest, protector of innocents. This was the end result. He looks decidedly less scourge-y and more cuddly, as bears (and I) are wont to do. Also, one of those utility packs is full of berries. It's important to bring snacks when you go out to fight crime.


  1. this is basically a portrait of my husband. right now he's just screaming "WHAT. HOW??? DID YOU ASK HER TO DRAW THAT???" SO perfect!

  2. Are you married to a bear?! I AM SO JEALOUS.

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  4. "Why so Sirius?"
    Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your server.

  5. ... also, your stuff is great.


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