hey there sailor

A little nautical pin-up action. I think she's practicing for the next Fleet Week.

I love the whole nautical aesthetic, but since I hate the beach and get incredibly seasick on anything that isn't a floaty tube or a kayak, I can only express my appreciation by drawing lots of ladies in their seafaring finery. I know. It's a hard-knock life.

And we zoom-in, the better to see all the details no one ever sees on the final product.


  1. This is awesome! Love the colors and details.

  2. She is perfect, I love her outfit and glasses!

  3. Oh it is great to see the cartoons. I love drawing myself too and recently started to post some. Not even half as professional as yours, but got to keep trying. I love bears too, esp Panda bears. Q

  4. This is realy GREAT stuff you are doing!!! I hope it is more than just a hobby. Do you realize how good you are? Truely, I hope you are doing more with this than just posting it on a blogg!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Um, I love her glasses. No, really. Can you draw some real-person ones for me? Thanks! :)


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