outfit drawings

So there's a bazillion people who take pictures of what they wear and post them to flickr groups like wardrobe remix (in addition to lookbook and outfit blogs and on and on), and I always like looking through them, but being perpetually camera shy and not particularly photogenic, I choose not to participate. But! There is also a flickr group for drawings of what you wear, which I can 150% get behind.

So whenever I have occasion to wear something cute, I like to do a little drawing and post it to flickr. I've never posted them here, but lately they've been proving to be an excellent way to practice my new style, so I thought I'd share a couple.

Outfit of dinner with my parents. I would kill a man to get to a basket of those spring rolls.

Outfit of Dr. Sketchy's. Also the outfit of the way too windy day where I kept having to forcibly hold my dress down. Poor decisions.


  1. I love that wardrobe remix group but like you, I don't think I could ever post a photo of myself.

    I love the drawings and your outfits. I'm looking forward to some Emma-inspired drawings!

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  3. awesome outfits, amanda!
    what's funny is that at first i was like what's coming out of her nose?? and then i remembered you have a septum piercing, duh!


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