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I don't have any finished pieces to post at the moment, but I always like getting a look at how other people work so I thought I'd throw up some screenshots of what I currently have in progress. There are one or two others but at this point they're just sketches set up on an artboard in Illustrator, which is sort of pointless to look at.

I want to replace the picture I have in the bio section of my website with an illustration, so this is the first try. Generally everything I post starts out like this, digitally "inked" over a sketch. It's kind of a mess, with all the extra and overlapping lines, but you can see where things are headed anyway.

And then this is what stuff looks like when it's about half finished. Lots of separate layers and little color swatches everywhere. All the base colors are laid in, all the black lines have been appropriately re-colored or removed (except for the buttons on her coat, now that I'm looking at it), and certain bits of the background - in this case the moon, clouds, smoke, and part of the house - are starting to get finished up. I save finishing the character(s) for last because that's where I have the most fun.

Obviously this one is a take on Little Red Riding Hood, but as I've stated before I'm way into yellow at the moment - it's become one of my favorite colors - so I went with that instead. Also, no hood. The placement of the trees is rough at the moment but overall I'm happy with how it's progressing.


  1. I love seeing people's work in progress posts. Both of these look great.

    And regarding yellow, I LOVE it too right now. I've never been much for yellow but recently that has changed.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I just took a quick look at your blog - your work is adorable! I can't wait to check out more.

    And it's funny, yellow was always one of my least favorite colors, but lately it's rocketed up to number one. Maybe it's the weather? Grey skies and all.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Funny drawings. I catch your blog from Illustration Friday. Thanks for posting!

  4. Hey Amanda! Thanks for looking at my blog too! I really like your style...and you have great sketches...I like your lines. I will keep up with your blog too. Thanks for putting up your process. I like reading and seeing about other artist's way of working.

    Maybe this riding hood in yellow could be her "little publicized cousin" who is jealous that her cousin in red gets more press...after all it was yellow's idea...hahah. Talk to you later!

  5. Thanks for sharing!


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