IF: adrift

My take on this week's Illustration Friday topic: "adrift." Have you ever looked at something and objectively thought it's perfectly fine, but you still don't like it? Yeah, that's this. I'm not crazy about it but I can't figure out why. I do like the raft, though. I think it looks very buoyant and rafty.

Sketch process. I always like the tiny, tiny initial thumbnails best.


  1. Hmm, not sure what's rubbing you the wrong way about this, but here are some things I like:

    -the boy's posture in the first piece.
    -the way you break up the composition differently with the water each time. great movement.
    -and yes, the rafty shape of the raft :)

  2. It looks great! Maybe you've just been staring at it way too long. That happens to me sometimes. :)

    I love the raft! The composition it great too. You really captured the sense of being drafted away by the waves.

  3. Oooo...LOVE how clear the water looks! The movement looks great too. (^_^)

  4. I think this is wonderful - but really, everything you do is!

    The sky is absolutely perfect! One thing you could try tweaking is the water color...maybe more of a cadet blue to go with the yellow? Maybe not though...Julissa might be right about staring at it too long.

    ♥ Tiffany

  5. I often feel that way about my work, more often than not actually. But I love this. I don't see a single I don't like about it. It's very creative and well done.

  6. Thanks everyone! Maybe it is just a case of overexposure, I think everyone gets sick of their own work.

    Tiffany - The whole thing was much more of a pure cobalt blue to start with, but I really associate the ocean with a more greeny-blue so it just looks sort of false to me. In any case, even though I don't love it I'm content to let it rest - not every piece can be your favorite, you know?

  7. Okay, either this has been updated, or I totally missed the color illustration when I first stopped by here earlier. In any case, LOVE it in color. The blues are beautiful.

  8. Elizabeth - Thank you! The color one has always been here, but my web host was being super wonky earlier yesterday so I guess it wasn't showing up.

  9. Love the illustration and the fact you show your sketched ideas too is great. I really like the water :)

  10. I think this is absolutely perfect. I love the color combination, the movement, the textures, his expression and posture and the subtle sky layers, and the nice details like the clouds and birds. Absolutely wonderful. (and I'm not just saying that!)

    I definitely can start to not like something that I worked on for a while and was loving for the most part and then having trouble with it and moving past it.


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