undo it

I did this for last week's Illustration Friday theme (undone), but as seems to be standard I was a little late finishing it so I didn't get to submit it. It is, of course, an homage to one of my favorite shows of all time - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the thanksgiving episode, Pangs, to be specific. That episode isn't one of the best of the series or anything, but there's a moment with Spike and a bear that makes me laugh every time I watch it.

There are a few things I'd tweak on this still (like, you know, how it doesn't actually look that much like Spike), but all the hatching resulted in the most unwieldy Illustrator file I've ever encountered, so... it'll do.


  1. If you don't make prints of this I will never forgive you!

  2. That is awesome, and it screams Spike.

  3. I knew exactly who it was before I read your post. You Rock!


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