girl detective no.1

First things first: I am a terrible blogger. Fact. Sorry about that.

This is the first thing I've worked on in a while, but look! It's a finished piece and everything. I'm way into yellow right now, and weird riding pants, apparently. This little lady sleuth doesn't have a name yet, but I'm pretty fond of her so I guess I should figure one out. In my head I've just been calling her "girl detective," which reminds me of old pulp comics and hardcover Nancy Drew books and makes me want to write a slightly spoof-y 1950's mystery story for her to star in. There would be stolen family heirlooms and secret passages behind bookshelves and most definitely a creepy groundskeeper who is revealed to be a red herring in the 11th hour.

Anyway, I like her. I'd place bets on seeing more of her in the future. (Notice I didn't say "soon." I don't want to get crazy here.)


  1. I think she's gorgeous and the black and yellow is such a great combination.

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