allyson's wonderland

I finished this piece a little while ago for Allyson Magda of Allyson Magda Photography. She wanted an Alice in Wonderland-ish illustration with her adorable Jack Russell Terrier, Gunny, as the White Rabbit.

I haven't done a serious digital piece in a while, and I was reminded of why I have a love/hate relationship with Illustrator. One on hand, I do like the end result, and I like that it lets me experiment and change things without scrapping the entire piece. But the downside is that it completely puts me in ocd zoom mode, where I work at 1200% of the actual size (which is usually 25-50% bigger than the final print size to begin with) and get hung up on miniscule details that no one would ever notice. For this reason it takes me at least twice as long to complete digital pieces. I should really work on that.

But! I'm pretty happy with how it came out, in the end.


  1. this is super adorable!!!

    did you ever end up trying for the scoutiegirl giveaway? I think she may still have a spot open!

  2. Sarah - Thank you!

    Nicole - Also thank you! I totally forgot about it until you left this comment, but I shot her off an email just now. We shall see!

  3. I really like your style.

  4. I like it. Very Cute!

  5. Thanks for your amazing talent Amanda!!! It was such a pleasure working with you, I hope we have another opportunity in the future! all my best, allyson

  6. PS I notice the minuscule details....love our necklaces by the way!!

  7. This is really cute. My favorite book when I was little was Alice in Wonderland...I loved the Mad Hatter! This Alice is beautiful!
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