Edgar meets Elvis

Possibly the most awkward coffee date ever.

Done for my advertising concepts class. Another piece for the fictional coffee house/bookstore; this time the idea was to pair up two diverse authors/musicians/artists/what have you. There was some alliteration going on in the examples he gave us ("Where Pacino meets Picasso!"), so I went with the good misters Poe and Presley. The other ideas I had in mind were Marilyn Monroe and Karl Marx, Lewis Carrol and Bruce Campbell, and Alfred Lord Tennyson and George Takei, but I'm in Poe Mode lately (he's at the center of my thesis project; more on that later) so I went with him. Plus I just love drawing his spindly victorian weirdness.

I think my favorite part of this whole thing is the way Poe is stirring his tea. Plus: I drew guys! I never draw guys. All things considered, I think they look okay.

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