a tale of two cities

Our first assignment in senior illustration studio this semester was to do a piece for a psychiatry magazine, based around an article about Hurricane Katrina survivors who were relocated to another city. What I took away from it was that even though they'd survived the disaster, the psychological and emotional effects would stay with them no matter where they moved to.

There are parts of this that I like and parts of it that I'm indifferent toward. In any case, this was one of those times when the scan is an improvement over the original art. It darkened up a bit, especially in the hill/ground area - something the original really needed, but I couldn't seem to slap on enough watercolor to make it happen. So thanks, scanner. I like it when you're on my side.

Ink and watercolor on hot-press wc paper; 16 1/4'' x 10 7/8''.


  1. this is truly beautiful, both in the translation of your idea and in the image itself.

  2. Thank you so much!


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