playbill spots: rumpelstiltskin and school house rock

More from the theater poster project. This time it's Rumpelstiltskin. There was one version before this where he looked way too child molester-y, and also kind of like he was smoking a joint. What can I say? Dude is creepy.

Oh, School House Rock. How I love you. This one was kind of tough, because how do you reinvent the SHR characters but still communicate that it's SHR? I went with the conductor from Conjunction Junction, because he's pretty recognizable. I think so, anyway. Plus Conjunction Junction is awesome. Up with language skills!

And I'm happy to report that a few of these did, in fact, get chosen for use on promo material for the theater. I'll scan stuff whenever I get copies.

1 comment:

  1. Oh hi, here you are.

    I dig your artwork, look forward to browsing around here more. SHR is awesome! I'm gonna have "conjunction junction, what's your function?" going through my head all day.

    I miss your food blog! How is Ms. Scarlet?


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