children's theater poster

Our first project in senior illustration studio was a poster for a series of children's theater productions. There are 11 plays in total. You had two options: design a poster featuring all of the plays that can be plucked apart somehow and used for individual playbills, or do 11 spot illustrations for the playbills and one large poster design for the series. I chose the latter. So this is my large poster, featuring Peter Pan, a pig who could represent for either Charlotte's Web or the Three Little Pigs, a with from something called Mr. Malcolm's Halloween Show, and Christopher Robin with Pooh. That is, of course, the emerald city in the background. The pose/idea came from that iconic Wizard of Oz image with the four characters standing arm-in-arm.

The cool thing about this project is that it's a real one. If the client likes your stuff, it gets used. So here's hoping!

Ink and watercolor on hot press paper. Woo.

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