Lolo and NoWhey Katie

I hang around a particular message board on the interweb quite a lot, and have met some seriously awesome people - some of whom have fallen victim to the wrath of my pen! Or, to be more specific, my pencil and then my tablet. In an effort to get something finished up here and to have, you know, more than two posts, I give to you the two most recently completed portraits: Lolo and NoWhey Katie. Adobe Illustrator start to finish for both.


  1. These turned out nicely. I especially like the second one--she looks intelligent, like she knows something the audience doesn't.

  2. NoWheyKatie9:27 PM

    I know EVERYTHING...
    And Amanda, thanks again. You are so effing talented. I love this blog you got goin.

  3. I suspected that you were omniscient. It's goo to have confirmation. And you're very welcome!

  4. your portraits are amazing! you should make everyone over on the ppk to pay you for one and we can use them as our avatars! i'll pay you for one :) cookies or cash?

  5. i had no idea that you did nowhey's avatar.
    i like it! especially the little skull in the corner.


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