love & sharks

So here are some sharks. There will be more sharks, too, because an indie perfumer I like very much (Darling Clandestine) is currently holding a shark-drawing contest. Obviously I had to throw my hat into the ring a few times. And drawing sharks is fun! Even though for some reason all of my sharks end up looking like puppies.

Anyway, since it's a contest, you can of course vote for the ones you like best. IF you feel like taking a look, and you happen to like one of mine best,  I wouldn't kick your vote out of bed.

 You can vote for this shark here...

And this shark here! I am partial to this guy, myself.

That's all for now. More sharks soon, probably. And then a cat floating up into space that I started for a past Illustration Friday, if I ever get around to finishing it. ♥


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