painting practice

I don't usually do much but add texture and save out my work in Photoshop - the bulk of it is done in Illustrator - but I've been trying out different styles of working lately, including some more painterly stuff. I'm digging the texture of this - it feels a little more organic.

Also: HAIR.


a little mermaid

I did a monthly favorites post over on my other blog, and although I drew this for that, I figured it was worth re-posting here.

I don't often do just linework anymore, but I enjoy it. It's refreshingly simple.

Also: starfish bewbs. They seem more practical than seashells.


recent sketchiness

Just some random sketching today - I haven't had much time to do any finished pieces, but I have been making an effort to sketch more, so I figured I should post some of it.

These two are just for fun. Cute kid (and dog) drawing practice.

I've started playing around with an idea for a new story - you know, those things I never actually write or do anything with? Yep, one of those. I did a bunch of studies trying to flesh out the design for the main character (Emma), and along the way I remembered how much I enjoy doing these kinds of character sheets.

I'm really digging the seeds of the story I've got so far, so if nothing else you'll probably see some more character and environment studies popping up here.

P.S. I really despise the layout of this blog anymore, so at some point in the near future I'm going to try to change things up. I'd love to transfer the whole shebang over to Wordpress with my own host (which is how I have my other blog) so I may see about that.


will draw for s'mores cookies

Long time no post! I've been super busy (mostly not with illustrate-y things), but last night I made some s'mores cookies and they were stupid delicious, so much so that I felt the need to immortalize them in illustrated form. A visual love poem to some damn delicious cookies, if you will.

Very slightly adapted from this recipe (I pretty much just added cinnamon), and lovingly illustrated by moi.

Click to enlarge!
And here's what they look like in for real time:



love & sharks

So here are some sharks. There will be more sharks, too, because an indie perfumer I like very much (Darling Clandestine) is currently holding a shark-drawing contest. Obviously I had to throw my hat into the ring a few times. And drawing sharks is fun! Even though for some reason all of my sharks end up looking like puppies.

Anyway, since it's a contest, you can of course vote for the ones you like best. IF you feel like taking a look, and you happen to like one of mine best,  I wouldn't kick your vote out of bed.

 You can vote for this shark here...

And this shark here! I am partial to this guy, myself.

That's all for now. More sharks soon, probably. And then a cat floating up into space that I started for a past Illustration Friday, if I ever get around to finishing it. ♥


illustration friday: "retro"

Long time, no post! I have been drawing, just not so much for myself. I'll get around to posting up the commissioned stuff soonish (famous last words), but for now here's my take on this week's Illustration Friday theme, "retro." I just felt like drawing some olde timey beach bloomers, but I had so much fun with it that I ended up going all the way to a finished piece. Somewhere along the line it turned into a bit of a bad day at the shore... I went into this one without much of a plan, but I really like how it came out.


murder bffs

Are you watching Hannibal? If you're not, you should be. It's fantastic.

Please embiggen to read text/actually view image. This blog format his got to go.

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